My favorite things: camp table

One very handy piece of equipment to have for both tent and RV camping is a small lightweight camp table. I like to use this table when cooking by the fire. It is great to have something to set you marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate on when making smores and cooking meals by the fire. … Continue reading My favorite things: camp table

Tent or Camper?

One of the first big questions that comes to mind for someone who is just getting into camping is what are they going to sleep in.    For someone new to camping an obvious choice would be to try renting a cabin.  This works great for beginners however it is very expensive and greatly limits the … Continue reading Tent or Camper?

My favorite things: Fire Roasting Stick

Today I am starting a blog series called "My favorite things." The purpose of this series is to point out some of the gear I use while camping to help you get ideas for what you might want to add to your gear list. This first item is a fire roasting stick. I absolutely LOVE … Continue reading My favorite things: Fire Roasting Stick