Convert your manual jacks to electric for less than $10

Having electric RV stabilizer jacks is nice, but when they come built into the camper it can be very expensive. Lucking there is a very simple and inexpensive solution to convert your manual crank jacks into electric jacks. Most rv scissor jacks use a 3/4" socket to drive the screw rod, moving the jack up … Continue reading Convert your manual jacks to electric for less than $10

My favorite things: leveling blocks

Once very important tool every camper needs is a set of leveling blocks. Most sites you pull into are not level, some are not even close at all! Leveling blocks can be as simple as a 2x8 piece of lumbar cut into 12 inch lengths, or you can buy a pre-made set of leveling blocks. … Continue reading My favorite things: leveling blocks

Choosing a campsite

One of the first big steps prior to a successfull camping trip is to pick the right campsite.  This decision could mean the difference between a good camping trip and a great one!  Here are the things to consider when looking for that perfect campsite: Location For your first few camping trips I would highly … Continue reading Choosing a campsite