Lunch on the go!

A lot of times when we are camping we want to have lunch on the go. Whether we are going on an adventure, heading to a new campground, or on the road to head home, using these food containers makes our lives easier! Having a cheaper and healthier option than always stopping for fast food … Continue reading Lunch on the go!

Convert your manual jacks to electric for less than $10

Having electric RV stabilizer jacks is nice, but when they come built into the camper it can be very expensive. Lucking there is a very simple and inexpensive solution to convert your manual crank jacks into electric jacks. Most rv scissor jacks use a 3/4" socket to drive the screw rod, moving the jack up … Continue reading Convert your manual jacks to electric for less than $10

My favorite things: camp table

One very handy piece of equipment to have for both tent and RV camping is a small lightweight camp table. I like to use this table when cooking by the fire. It is great to have something to set you marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate on when making smores and cooking meals by the fire. … Continue reading My favorite things: camp table

Tent or Camper?

One of the first big questions that comes to mind for someone who is just getting into camping is what are they going to sleep in.    For someone new to camping an obvious choice would be to try renting a cabin.  This works great for beginners however it is very expensive and greatly limits the … Continue reading Tent or Camper?

Camper Organization: Clothing

Organization when you are in a small space is essential! One of the items that we have the most of in the camper is clothing. Each of the adults just has a duffel bag of clothing that we put in a closet but I have the kids clothing organized, because it makes everything easier. I … Continue reading Camper Organization: Clothing

My favorite things: combination locks

If your camper is anything like mine you may be frustrated with the keyed locks on your storage compartments. Two out of my three storage compartments had only a single latch to keep them closed, which meant that I had to carry around a set of keys anytime I wanted to get in that storage … Continue reading My favorite things: combination locks

10 tricks to lower the cost of your camping trip

Going camping is a fun way to enjoy time with your family and it is the kind of activity that should not break the bank. Use these 10 tips to help you save money on your next camping trip. 1. Camp during the week When you are planning your next camping trip look for opportunities … Continue reading 10 tricks to lower the cost of your camping trip

My favorite things: leveling blocks

Once very important tool every camper needs is a set of leveling blocks. Most sites you pull into are not level, some are not even close at all! Leveling blocks can be as simple as a 2x8 piece of lumbar cut into 12 inch lengths, or you can buy a pre-made set of leveling blocks. … Continue reading My favorite things: leveling blocks

The easy way to start a campfire

Knowing how to easily start a fire while camping is one of the most important skills in order to have a successful and fun camping experience. Fires provide warmth on a cold night, creates a relaxing atmosphere, and it is the best place to cook dinner! I could create a long post describing the fire … Continue reading The easy way to start a campfire

Choosing a campsite

One of the first big steps prior to a successfull camping trip is to pick the right campsite.  This decision could mean the difference between a good camping trip and a great one!  Here are the things to consider when looking for that perfect campsite: Location For your first few camping trips I would highly … Continue reading Choosing a campsite