About the Author


My name is Brett Kubat and I am excited to have to opportunity to share my love of everything camping with you! I have been camping my entire life and I enjoy sharing that passion with others.

I was born and raised in Minnesota and from a young age I was exposed to the world of camping as part of the Coachmen camping club. We would camp in a Recreational Vehicle (RV) at various campgrounds across the country. As I grew, I joined Cub Scouts & Boy Scouts and that is where my camping experiences really blossomed. I had many experiences from backpacking through the wilderness of the Philmont Boy Scout Ranch in New Mexico, to tent camping in three feet of snow on a cold January weekend in Minnesota, to learning about wilderness survival with minimal equipment. Boy Scouts taught me the skills I needed to know to truly enjoy the outdoors.

Becoming an adult, I joined the US Air Force and served for 12 years as a KC-10 and T-6 Pilot. One awesome opportunity I had was to attend the Air Force’s combat survival school. There I learned the necessary skills I could need to survive in a combat environment with limited equipment. Many of those skills I learned at survival school come in handy while camping as well!

As an avid hunter I have also had many opportunities to camp in very remote areas while hunting. The most remote place I have ever been was on a moose hunt in the middle of the Alaska Peninsula. My college roommate and I took a float plane from a remote village even further into the wilderness, where just the two of us were dropped off, with only the supplies in our packs and our rifles, hundreds of miles away from any road or civilization. The key to this 12 day hunt was to be mobile so we had to limit our supplies to what we could carry. We collected and purified water from streams and lakes, and ate the freeze-dried lightweight meals that we packed in. The hunt was very successful and we both had trophy moose to bring home after only four days.

Today I spend most of my camping trips in my 19 ft travel trailer with my wife and three young kids. We love our camper and enjoy the time we get to spend as a family. We even lived in our camper for several months when I transitioned out of the Air Force and moved the family back to Minnesota. I hope that my vast camping experiences can help inspire you to get into the outdoors and make some great memories as well.

Brett Kubat