Lunch on the go!

A lot of times when we are camping we want to have lunch on the go. Whether we are going on an adventure, heading to a new campground, or on the road to head home, using these food containers makes our lives easier!

Having a cheaper and healthier option than always stopping for fast food is important to us when we are on the road. If we are hiking or going to the beach we may need something more substantial than just snacks.

These separated food containers are a favorite of ours. They nest into each other so they don’t take up a lot of space in the cupboard. It has 3 separate areas so it is easy to put a fruit, veggie, and a sandwich all in it, without the sandwich getting soggy, or mixing items or flavors.

From the side, they stack nicely on top of each other.
A good amount of space for a fruit, veggie, and sandwich or main meal item.

The containers are easy to clean and affordable. Hope you enjoy eating well while exploring!

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