Camper Organization: Clothing

Organization when you are in a small space is essential! One of the items that we have the most of in the camper is clothing. Each of the adults just has a duffel bag of clothing that we put in a closet but I have the kids clothing organized, because it makes everything easier. I have gotten organization ideas from friends that camp, Pinterest, and just looking online to see what would fit our space.

My favorite thing, that makes things so much easier for us is this over the door shoe organizer turned kids outfit organizer. I do one outfit per slot, just a top and bottom. That way the kids can go grab an outfit themselves and get dressed in the morning. My oldest’s clothes are getting a little big to fit but for summer it works!

Kids clothes organizer hung on the inside of the bathroom door.

For socks, underwear, pull-ups and PJs we have a wardrobe closet that I have put a three-drawer plastic storage cart without the wheels. Then I also have cloth hanging shelves above it that I use for extra clothes and warm clothes. (The cloth shelf also had two other shelf areas that I just left folded up on the bottom because we didn’t have space.)

3 plastic drawers on the bottom and hanging shelf system on the top. We also have some hanging clothes and our Swiffer and broom in this closet.

On the outside of the bathroom door we have an over the door hook that helps with an extra place to put coats and sweatshirts.

Over the door hook for coats and sweatshirts on outside of bathroom door.

I always love to hear other people’s camper organization ideas! Leave a comment below and share your ideas!

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