My favorite things: combination locks

If your camper is anything like mine you may be frustrated with the keyed locks on your storage compartments. Two out of my three storage compartments had only a single latch to keep them closed, which meant that I had to carry around a set of keys anytime I wanted to get in that storage compartment. If I just left them unlocked then they would hang open just enough that water would get in when it rained…very frustrating!

Latch on my storage compartment with its new combination lock

I finally had enough of it and I ordered some combination locks that keep the doors latched shut and I absolutely love them! The nice thing about the combination lock is that I can leave it unlocked and just twist the knob to latch the door fully shut. If I ever want to lock or unlock it, I don’t have to go find a set of keys. I highly reccomend these combination locks, they are very easy to install. There are a few different sizes available so just make sure you measure first!

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