My favorite things: Fire Roasting Stick

Today I am starting a blog series called “My favorite things.” The purpose of this series is to point out some of the gear I use while camping to help you get ideas for what you might want to add to your gear list.

This first item is a fire roasting stick. I absolutely LOVE this fire roaster for 2 reasons: It works well, and it costs less than $4. I bought mine at Walmart and it is called a Telescoping Fork made by Coghlan’s. You can also find it at many hardware stores. Not only is this roaster awesome because it is cheap but it also telescopes for easy storage, cooks both hot dogs and marshmallows well, and has a convenient thumb roller to easily rotate the end without having to change the grip in your hand (see the red plastic piece in the photo above). I have four of them that I keep in my camper and another four at home for backyard fires. A quick search on amazon brought up a few rosters that look almost identical, just made by different companies and sold in packs. Check out this five-pack of roasters.

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